Golden Scute Safety is a full-line supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and has more than 20 years experiences of manufacturing PPE to keep worker safe. Our company's wide range of Hand Protection is now complemented by an ever-expanding variety of Safety Eyewear, Particulate Respirator, Disposable Earplugs and Earmuffs, etc. All PPE products are manufactured with our customers in mind.

About our mission

At Golden Scute Safety, customer satisfaction is our consistent pursuit of one objective. We believe that every worker around the world today is entitled to work safely and every work environment should be focused on creating and maintaining proper levels of site specific safety standards. It is of great importance that workers be made aware of the dangers and potential safety hazards that surround them on their jobsite daily and to do their best to work safely through utilizing safety awareness, by using proper PPE.

Golden Scute Safety continuously develops technology of products by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. This forms the foundation upon which we continually improve the customer’s experience through constant innovation. That is because we understand the complexity of choosing and implementing a PPE program that works and is adopted by all. On the one hand, workers continually asks PPE that are more comfortable, whilst on the other hand there is a focus to reduce injuries, the costs associated with those injuries and to improve worker efficiency. We aim to combine comfort and worker acceptance with performance and features by use of these technology.

Why Golden Scute Safety

We sincerely thank you for purchasing our products and promise to work harder to maintain business relationship with you. If you are not yet a customer, we hope this introduction will show you what makes Golden Scute Safety different and why so many customers choose our PPE products.