Banded Earmuff EPY6002

Ear Muffs


Head banded Earmuff - NRR 27 
1.Dielectric Earmuff
2.267 dB NRR 
3.Yellow/ Black/ Green or as customer’s request
4.ABS Cups + Telescopic Plastic Dual-headband
5.Customized logo approved
SIZE: One Size Fits All

PACKED:  20 Pair/Case;
MOQ: 2000 pairs


1.Unique dual-headband offers better positioning and breathability for all head sizes. Nondeforming outer headband minimizes pressure

2.Quick-Click height adjustment remains fixed during wear. Snap-in ear cushions allow easy maintenance

3.Oval-shaped foam: inside the ABS cups, a unique "double foam" ear cup design, double sound insulation

4.Adjustable earmuffs provide isolation and high level sound cancellation

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